With COVID-19 the team at BaseConnect has been working tirelessly to help serve our community during this crisis. We will be updating this page with our latest updates to keep you informed.

23Mar20 Update

We have been getting a lot of requests to add polls or forms to a ReCaller message. While we custom develop a permanent solution to this requests here is a temporary work around by embedding a Google form or Fast poll.
Direct video link here: https://www.loom.com/share/a0bd2cbaf07c43418830f4db3eebcb0c

15Mar20 Update

Please watch this quick update video first and then scroll down for more information. Live updates will be posted on this page.

The team here at BaseConnect has been working tirelessly to ensure you get the urgent messages out you need to with COVID-19. 

We have integrated a few new features that we believe will help. Here are the new features:


You can now put an email in your recall message if you need help with this please email us at support@baseconnect.com

Example use: If you or a family member is sick please contact the medical staff at

<insert you custom email address>


You can now paste links directly into your messages. This could be to a form with health information, your website or a Facebook live link. If you need assistance with this contact us by clicking here.

Example use: Please fill out the following form if you or a family member are showing any symptoms of COVID-19


Embed YouTube Videos:

You can now embed public or unlisted YouTube videos for video updates

Example use: The video at the top of this page was an embedded YouTube video. 

Steps to embed a YouTube video into a ReCall message:

Step 1) Upload the video as public or unlisted video on YouTube

Step 2) Copy the YouTube link

Step 3) Go to: https://youtubeembedcode.com/en/

Step 4) Paste your YouTube link into the YouTube Url then scroll down and click generate my code

Step 5) Copy the code that was generated it will start with something like: <iframe frameborder…

Step 6) Paste this iframe code into the ReCaller message you are sending out

Here is an exact how to video from my phone:

If there is anything further BaseConnect can do during this time please let us know. 

Tony Weedn