About BaseConnect.

Our Mission

We envision and create cutting-edge software applications built for military operators by military operators. We connect troops, communities, and businesses to save lives, time, and resources.

Tony Weedn started BaseConnect in 2017, after serving in the Air Force for 13 years as a pilot, instructor pilot, and promoting innovation at Vance AFB.

Tony identified the need for a secure and private military-only social network, to overcome the inherent security challenges to the military posed by improper use of open social networks like Facebook. It was clear that Facebook allowed internet marketers to siphon off and exploit military user data, as users were routinely placing sensitive information on Facebook. It became clear very soon that such a secure platform can also be used for important operational workflows, thus dramatically reducing the time and cost of deploying new capabilities in a standardized manner.

BaseConnect saves lives, time, and resources by using social-media technologies, without collecting or monetizing personal data, in a secure environment, to streamline critical processes and effectively connect troops, communities, and businesses.  The BaseConnect goal is to become one of the dominant secure social media platforms used by the Department of Defense.

Our History

One day a commander asked tony to build an app.  He did.  Then another commander asked for the same thing, but just a little different.  Tony decided to build one app for the entire DOD...He took the leap of faith and started Baseconnect.

  • 2017

    BaseConnect was founded and app development began.

  • 2018

    IOS & Android Launch at Vance AFB and Hurlburt Field

  • 2019

    BaseConnect receives official Trademark from USPTO. We launched at Peterson AFB with a new housing feature. Initial test of our new ReCaller at 15th OSS at Joint Base Hickam begins. BaseConnect ReCaller used in real-world active shooter event

  • 2020

    ReCaller adopted by U.S. Coast Guard Western Region for Daily Muster in support of COVID 19 rapid reporting requirements. ReCaller was also adopted by the 71st Flying Training Wing for daily status updates in support of COVID 19 rapid reporting requirements

  • 2021

    BaseConnect signs and renews multiple DoD contracts and begins working with customers outside of the DoD.

  • 2022

    BaseConnect continues to grow within DOD, builds MVP for AETC pilots and expands to CityConnect commercial product

A little bit about our team.

Our App is built by operators for operators with some really cool tech guys and over 100 years of combined military experience.