Are you a business owner in Enid who is looking to connect with the pilots and military families stationed at Vance?

BaseConnect helps local business owners connect with our military troops in order to boost sales for the local business while providing a secure military only software platform to ensure our transient military troops connect with the right local businesses.

BaseConnect takes the “ask-your-buddy” approach to a higher level in order to provide reliable, unbiased ratings and reviews on local and on-base services to our private military only network.

“BaseConnect is like a private Angie’s List for our military troops.”

Tony Weedn ~ Founder and CEO of BaseConnect

Here are a few examples of some of our local BaseConnect partners here in Enid.

BaseConnect is also solving the problem of connecting our local businesses with military spouses looking for employment

BaseConnect SpouseHire
This is an example of our SpouseHire you can see their listing shows (Now Hiring) this also includes keywords attached like: job, employment, work…etc. so that it populates when a spouse types those into the BaseConnect platform.